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Welcome to Craig Field Photos a photography service, 
born of a need to offer quality photos at reasonable prices

including glamour style boudoir & portrait shoots, weddings

and spectacular concert photography from pub bands to

nationally recognized acts.

Whether you are after corporate head shots or gig photos,

Craig Field Photos will be able to help, all at very competitive



I am extremely lucky to be able to live my passion.

What you see here is just a small taste of my photographic

journey over the last 20 years. 


Commercial Photography, Portrait and Concert Photography, Weddings and Event Photos, Craig Field Photos are available for just about any photographic job you can think of, including shots for websites and online stores at very reasonable prices.

"Art, including photographs, should invoke emotion, it should create a passionate response, either love it or hate it, mediocrity is not ok"
~ Craig Field

With over 10 years of professional experience in the commercial field and many more as a passionate photographer, it seemed like the perfect blend of timing and experience to start my own photographic business. I genuinely love what I do, and to do it on a daily basis is truly a blessing.

Community is really what drives me, my passion for photography has enabled me to give back to the groups that have given me so much.
I have recently retired as President of my local camera club and am actively involved with Black Dog Ride, a charity that aims to reduce the stigma around mental health and raise awareness about suicide prevention, and although that sounds really noble, usually it just involves me taking photos or riding my motorcycle. 

My other passion in life is music, I attend as many live gigs as I can, from local cover bands to A list music festivals. I'll usually have my camera with me, and love capturing the sweat of a hot live show. I have been blessed to be able to capture some of Australias' finest musicians doing what they do best, by doing what I do best.

So I'm not just a guy that takes photos of people and bands, I'm an enthusiast. I'm a groupie! 

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to help, and by supporting Craig Field Photos you are not only supporting a local small business, but you are also supporting Black Dog Ride. 


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