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Investing in Event Photography

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

You want to attract more business right?

The crowd at TheLiving End live in concert

Why not do that by showing your clients and staff having a great time. Show your venue, or entertainment, maybe you had a key note speaker that was a once in a lifetime event.

Perhaps spending a few bucks on a professional photographer might be a good investment after all.

Whether it is a product launch, or a band playing that you want captured, you will need a fast turn around and quality images to display to capture your audience while it is still fresh in their mind to maximize likes and shares. Photos I shoot are ready to load within 48 hours, edited & complete with your logo if required, and in some instances the turn around could be even faster.

Walkinshaw Performance at the Clipsal 500

With social media ever expanding, having a portfolio of stock images is becoming increasingly important, not to mention the interaction with your clients, a great event needs to be captured and loaded quickly to maximize your digital footprint, and potentially reach a new audiences and develop your client base.

From political fundraisers to bands to birthday parties to media press conferences, Craig Field Photos has the experience and the expertise to ensure you a quality image, all at very reasonable rates.

For some tips on being successful at Event Photography here is post I found on the web. check it out by clicking The Beginner's Guide to Event Photography

cheers all

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