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More than portraits...

Yep, you guessed it, this blog post is about some of my other photography.

More than once I've been asked what I shoot, and to be perfectly honest, I'll shoot anything. Obviously for many years I worked shooting car advertising, so I tend not to do too much of that these days! But otherwise I'll still shoot almost anything.

Such as - Concert images, any band, anywhere! If you need photos of your gig I'll do it. If you need some promo shots for your socials, I can do them too. Here's a shot I captured of "Leaving Jackson - The Johnny Cash - June Carter Tribute Show" at Thebarton Theatre right here in Adelaide. You can see more of this and other concerts on my Concert page <CLICK HERE>.

Commercial and E-Commerce, while I dont do much in the way of car advertising these days, I'm still open to commercial work. Whether it be your function or event, or maybe you have some new products to add to your website, I will happily do it all.

Below is a couple of shots, the first is from my shoot for Black Dog Ride for their online store, the second is for a clothing importer, that sells African Ladies Wear.

To learn more about Black Dog Ride please <CLICK HERE>

To visit Trendy African Collections on Instagram please <CLICK HERE>

I also from time to time shoot landscapes, in fact I aim to concentrate on this more in the coming months. I have an exciting new project that I am putting together, that will result in (I hope) some awesome pieces of art for you to hang on your wall.

Stay tuned for updates on that. In the meantime you can see some of my Other Photography on my Other Photography page. Please <CLICK HERE>

So whatever your photographic needs are I'm sure I'll be able to help, and in the event I can't help, I probably know someone that can. Send me a message and I'll get in touch.

Call or text 0438 869 052 or send me a message via my contact page <CLICK HERE>

Thanks for reading this far, I'll catch you next time.

~ Craig

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