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Niesha - Casual fashion shoot 27/12/2020

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Let me start by saying Niesha was an absolute dream to work with. Came prepared, arrived on time, and brought with her a "can do" attitude and plenty of ideas and inspiration.

For the "gear heads" out there:

Camera Nikon D700 Lens Tokina f2.8 70-200mm

Post production in photoshop

Shoot was between 630pm and 745pm in Adelaides southern suburbs.

Casual fashion with an urban industrial feel was the look I was aiming for. I think we nailed the casual fashion but may have missed the urban industrial part. Not that it matters, I think the shoot was definitely a success regardless of the theme. I have a feeling that Niesha is the kind of woman that will be successful at whatever she turns her hand too.

We arrived at the location in Adelaides' southern suburbs which offered numerous backgrounds for the stunning Niesha. I knew this was going to be a great shoot from the moment she arrived. And in fact I joked with her after the first frame I shot that we could go home as I "had the shot."

The image above is the first frame from my shoot with Niesha

It's always a challenge working with a model you have never met, you need to build a rapport quickly and hopefully you find some common ground to have a laugh with, and it's always easier working with someone that is having a good time. And a good time was had. It came as no surprise when I got to know Niesha (even only a little bit) she is a woman with a mission in life, and plans on going places. I wish her all the best with her modelling (& other) adventures.

While it was a partly cloudy day, the weather was fine, albeit a bit windy for my liking, which caused some issues with Nieshas' hair. There was a fair bit of post on just her hair to get the odd stray off of her face, but I left the fly aways, choosing not to clone them out, as long as they weren't noticeably over her face. Other than that, post production was pretty minimal. Niesha had done a great job with her make up and the location required little done to it.

As I mentioned there were clouds about, and constantly had to change my settings going from a shutter speed of 1/1000th in bright sunshine one minute, to 1/125 under cloud cover the next. F stops ranged from 4.5 to 11. I preferred the lower f stops to blur out the back ground and create the centre of attention on Nieshas' face.

I have said many times that I love portraiture, and while these images are pretty standard fare for a portrait photographer, we did capture a couple that were just a bit different. Stay tuned to my instagram <link to insta click here> for their appearance. I think there may even be a couple of competition photos in the set.

Overall - pretty happy with the shoot and we are already planning on working together again soon.

cheers all

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